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#1 choose mockup

Pick one of our 400+ handcrafted scenes for your digital and printed projects

All mockups are divided into 3 main categories such as digital mockups with latest smartphones, laptops and other devices, print mockups perfect for showcasing your business cards, book covers or posters and apparel category (currently in beta) with t-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps.

#2 upload your image

Drag and drop your own image or grab a screenshot from the URL address

For the each screen of your selected scene you can load your image or automatically capture a screenshot of any website. If your image does not match the aspect ratio of the given mockup, you can select the area you want to show. This way your image is never distorted. You can load static images in JPG or PNG, source files in PSD or Sketch and even animated images in GIF format. Cool, right?

#3 image adjustments

Change the background color, add a beautiful gradient or image

All mockups with 4 dots badge are editable. That means you can change the color of the device, set a background color or gradient or leave the background transparent. In some scenes, you can also add the background image.

#4 export

Crop and export the final composition ready for your presentation

Once you are done with adjustments, you can crop the final image to your liking or simply hit the save button and select the image quality you want. Then your scene will be exported as a JPEG or PNG (in case you set a transparent.

License agreement

All generated images are royalty free for use in personal and commercial projects. You can modify the image to your liking to fit into your project. However, you are not allowed to resell or redistribute exported images as new mockups. We are not legally liable for any misuse of these images.

Need any special usage that is not covered by the license agreement? Contact us

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